Fees and charges

Information about the various fees related to right-of-occupancy housing and how they are determined.

Before moving into a right-of-occupancy apartment, a right-of-occupancy fee is charged to the holder of the right of occupancy In addition, the tenant pays a monthly usage fee which is comparable to rent, a water fee, as well as any other operating fees.

Payment defaults

Sometimes there can be surprises and challenging times in your personal finances. In this case, it is advisable to act on time and contact us directly, before the usage fee payment is overdue. You can often negotiate and agree on payment arrangements for the payments. It is advisable to not let payment difficulties pile up and to handle them immediately as a delay in the payment of fees is always a cause for action.

Check your entitlement to Kela benefits

It is possible to be granted housing allowance for a right-of-occupancy apartment.

If you have difficulties in paying fees, it is worth finding out if you are eligible for social assistance or housing allowance from Kela. The Kela website has a calculator that helps you find out if you are eligible for housing allowance. You can also fill in a housing allowance application on Kela’s website.

See the housing allowance calculator on Kela’s website.

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