Maintenance and property management

The maintenance and property management companies work together to ensure smooth housing services.

The maintenance company is your first port of call for many faults that occur at home.
At Haso, property management and all related administrative services, such as the payment ledger and apartment sales, are managed by Retta. 

Role and tasks of the maintenance company

As its name suggests, the maintenance company maintains and makes minor repairs in the homes as well as the common areas and the yard of the building. Maintenance helps residents when a fault that is the responsibility of Haso occurs at home.

Please always contact maintenance first; they will survey the situation and, if necessary, notify you further. Submit fault notifications online.

Tasks for which maintenance is responsible include:

  • Receipt of fault notifications from residents and repair arrangements thereof.
  • Minor repairs, e.g. quick repairs to HVAC equipment, such as attaching handles and bidet shower head replacement.
  • Maintenance of the list of residents and excerpts thereof. If necessary, submit a change notification through the resident website if someone moves into or out of the apartment.
  • Door opening service – only for residents in the list of residents.
  • Cleaning of outdoor areas.
  • Repairs to original fences in the yard.
  • Mowing lawns in common areas.
  • Repairs to asphalt and other surface structures in the yard.
  • Slip prevention.
  • On-call service 24/7 (NOTE: Property management does not operate an on-call service.)
  • Hoisting the flag on official flag days
    (Enquire from maintenance for celebration or mourning events. The maintenance company may charge the resident for a separate fee in accordance with their price list.)

Non-urgent and urgent repairs

Situations that pose a danger to the resident or if the delay in repairing them causes significant additional inconvenience are always urgent repairs. A typical example is water damage, where limiting the spread of the damage must be done quickly to avoid major damage.

A fault naturally inconveniences your daily life. Non-urgent faults in the common areas of the home or building, which are the responsibility of Haso, will be repaired as soon as possible. You can prevent certain faults from occurring by, for example, reading the manuals of your appliances. You can also check the responsibility chart for what you can and should do yourself before calling maintenance.

If residents notice a need to renovate something not urgent in their apartment, a separate budget will be required. Budgeting for the next year will always start in the spring of the previous year. The resident committee or the chairman of the resident committee cannot place such orders directly.

Other repairs and maintenance

Even the maintenance company cannot fix every fault. If necessary, maintenance places orders for other repairs through Haso’s real estate maintenance partner network, for example, regarding elevators, locks or household appliances. If necessary, the maintenance company will also contact the property manager directly.


Cleaning for buildings has been arranged to be handled centrally by one operator as of 1 January 2024. Cleaning is carried out in all properties according to a consistent cleaning protocol. In the future, resident committees can also propose changes to the cleaning program of their own building as well as make additional orders, for example.

Yard work, green areas

In 2024, a new partner will also do the garden work in the yard, serving all Haso properties in the future.

Property management is teamwork

Property management operates a centralised customer service, which handles all matters that fall under its responsibility, such as the reservation of parking spaces and sauna shifts, as well as the management of disturbances in public order. It is also possible to handle many matters through the Haso resident website.

Haso’s properties are managed by a team that includes customer service staff, administrative property managers, and technical property managers.

  • Sales, exchanges and transfers of apartments are handled by a dedicated team at the property management office.
  • Administrative property managers  handle, among other things, communication with the property’s partners, such as maintenance and cleaning. They act as liaisons for resident management, attend resident meetings, participate in the budgeting of the property, and handle other administrative matters.
  • Technical property managers are responsible for, among other things, moving-out inspections, major repairs and handling the residents’ alteration applications.
  • The Ledger team, on the other hand, handles the consideration payments.


You can also see your own data on your personal resident page.

What to do in case of other disturbances

In the case of serious crimes against life or property, the only places to contact are always the emergency services and the police.

However, if, for example, someone has broken into common areas, such as the basement or parking lot, it is advisable to file a report with a maintenance, who will inform the property manager. The property manager will be the one to file the police report. This way, the necessary repairs can be carried out quickly.

Haso is not responsible for any items stored in common areas.

PLEASE NOTE: As a result of a 2021 policy, the police will no longer notify the property manager or the owner of the building, Haso, of home calls that are due to a disturbance of the peace, for instance. This is due to the fact that, in principle, the owner or manager of the property is not an interested party of the police call for privacy reasons. 

Emergency Response Centre

Always call emergency services directly in case of an urgent, real emergency.
Telephone number  112


If you have been the victim of a crime, for example your home has been broken into, file a criminal complaint.
The police receive crime reports in their own electronic service.

Other contact information for the Helsinki Police Department is available here.

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