Moving into an apartment

Best of luck with your new home! To help you get situated, we've put together a mover's checklist.

Mover’s Checklist

PLEASE NOTE: The instructions here apply to existing right-of-occupancy apartments. Applications to new properties are submitted to the City of Helsinki’s Housing Production, who provide instructions for the different practices.

  1. 1
    Submit a notification of change of address

    Statutory notification of change of address
    Submit the notification no earlier than one month before your move and no later than one week after the moving date in the Digital and Population Data Services Agency’s electronic service. All family members moving with you can be listed in one notification. The Digital and Population Data Services Agency also automatically transmits the information about the change to several other agencies.

    You can submit a change of address notification to Posti at the same time as the notification of the move in the Digital and Population Agency’s electronic service.

    Notification of change in the list of residents
    If residents move out or into the apartment later, a separate change notification must be submitted to Haso. Keep in mind that the maintenance company will only open the door to those people listed in the list of residents if your keys are lost.

  2. 2
    Keep in mind your other contracts and insurance

    Electricity contract
    Make sure you acquire an electricity contract for the apartment in advance of moving. Remember to notify other parties, such as your phone and Internet service providers, of your change of address.

    Home insurance
    It is always a good idea to have a home insurance policy in place before you move so that it also covers any damage that may occur to your home goods during the move.

  3. 3
    Reserve parking for your car

    Once you have signed the right-of-occupancy agreement for your new home, you can inquire about available parking spaces. If there are no available parking spaces at the time, you can sign up for the queue. Different locations have different availability for parking spaces, which can be in an indoor car park, under the canopy, or an outdoor parking lot.

    EV charging point
    If you have an electric vehicle and need a charging point, please contact property management. Haso will arrange for additional EV chargers from our partner in the parking lot as necessary. In practice, ordinary parking spaces can be converted into electric charging points, if the capacity is sufficient.

    Everyone must register to the charging partner service on their own. The charging company invoices the charging costs to you personally. Currently, the price of electricity is €0.20/kWh. (12/2023)

  4. 4
    Reserving a sauna shift

    If the property has a shared sauna, you will also be asked about your need for a sauna shift when you are signing the contract. The property management customer service will try to find you a sauna shift according to your needs.

    At new properties, sauna shifts are drawn among those individuals that want them before moving, and you will be informed of your shift closer to your moving date.

  5. 5

    When and where to get the keys
    You will get the keys to your home from key management no sooner than on the day when the right-of-occupancy agreement and its rights and responsibilities regarding the apartment become valid. When you pick up the keys to your home, you will also be given all other important keys, such as the key to the car heating outlet.

    When picking up the keys, the holder of the right of occupancy must prove their identity. You must also bring a receipt of the paid right-of-occupancy fee and security deposit.

    The keys are only handed over to the holder of the right of occupancy. If you, as the right-of- occupancy holder, cannot retrieve the keys yourself; anyone else picking up the keys must have the right-holder’s personal power of attorney to do so.

    Additional keys
    Orders for additional keys can be submitted to the key management customer service. New keys are subject to a fee. In this case, as well, the right-holder must provide proof of their identity.

    Haso Key Management: IHL Turva Oy
    – Address: Mekaanikonkatu 19 B, 00880 Helsinki
    – Telephone: +358 9 341 7170
    – Customer service:

  6. 6
    Apartment inspection

    The condition of the apartment is always inspected at the end of the previous tenant’s contract. According to the Right of Occupancy Act, when a new right-of-occupancy holder moves in, the apartment must be in such condition as can reasonably be expected. The content of the agreement, the age of the apartment, local housing conditions and other factors are taken into account in the assessment of the condition. The inspection is carried out by the housing inspector of the property management agency.

    The equipment of the apartment, as well as the order or number of fixed furniture, may differ from the company brochure or building description if the previous residents have commissioned alterations to the apartment.

    If necessary, the apartment walls are painted and clear defects are repaired. Since there is often little time for these measures when residents change, some of the repairs sometimes have to be done after the new tenant has already moved into the apartment. In such a case, Haso and the right-of-occupancy holder mutually agree on the repair time.

  7. 7
    Moving date

    As the right-of-occupancy holder, you can move into the apartment on the first day of the contract. Of course, you can also move into the apartment later, but the obligation to pay the fee begins from the start date of the agreement. You will be informed of the exact moving date before signing the contract.

    Moving date for new properties
    Housing production announces the move-in date approximately three months before the first possible move-in date. You’ll then receive an email with other practical information about the new property’s policies and changes.

  8. 8
    Personal repairs and alterations in the apartment

    The installation of your own household appliances, such as a dishwasher, must be carried out by an authorised technician.
    Other personal changes, such as painting the walls, must always be agreed in advance.

    (Instructions in Finnish only.)

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