Submit a housing application

This page includes links to housing applications.

You can apply for a home in Haso in two ways:

1. Submit a regular application
You apply for an apartment using a queue number.

2. Submit an internal application
With an internal application, you can only apply for available apartments in the property that you currently live in  – not at other Haso properties. You do not need a queue number.

  • Applicants who have submitted an internal application are given first priority when apartments in their own building become available. 
  • If there is more than one current resident in the building who has submitted an internal application, an apartment is offered to the one with the oldest contract. If the contracts were signed on the same day, the queue number that resulted in the contract at the time is considered. 
  • An internal application is valid for 12 months.

If you have previously submitted an application to Haso, a new application with the same queue number will replace your old application. 

PLEASE NOTE: These housing applications only apply to Haso’s older properties.
Information on applying for apartments in new properties can be found on the Helsinki Housing Production website.

You can also choose to download the housing application in pdf format below.

2. Internal application

If you already live in a Haso apartment, you can submit an application for a vacant apartment in your own building using an internal application.
Internal applicants are given first priority when apartments become available.

Having trouble completing a housing application?
If you receive an error message, please note that the internal application is available only to current right-of-occupancy holders at Haso.
Also, make sure that your personal ID has been filled in correctly on the form.

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